Big Hero 6

The special pin I received for being a AMC stubs card holder.

The special pin I received for being a AMC stubs card holder.

OnThis past Friday I decided to go to the movies with my mom(My main companion to the movies). Since the closest theater that was showing Foxcatcher (the movie I wanted to see) was in Hollywood I changed my mind and decided to see Big Hero 6. As an added bonus they were giving pins of Baymax to AMC stub card holders. I went to the fist showing of the day, because honestly I do not want to pay regular price for a ticket, I would prefer the 6.99 for a matinée. Plus, there are way less people and I do admit to sneaking in food occasionally (actually almost always, like you do not do it) the morning it is easier and they seem not to care. Any who I have heard good things from people at school about the movie and knew I would love it.

One of my favorite things about the movie is that it takes place in the fictional San Fransokoy. From the beginning it is not easy to not like Hiro the main character of the movie, along with his family. There is this brotherly bond between Hiro and his big brother Tadashi that is envied. All I could think of in the beginning is wishing that I was a boy and I had the brotherly bond. Then I thought that my future spawn could have that kind of relationship. The relationship was so believable it was hard not to smile when the brother duo were together on the screen. With that in mind (spoiler alert if you have not seen the movie) when Tadashi is killed in an “accident” I had tears in my mind.

The film had me so sad the whole time, but not in a bad way. It gives me hope that even when you think you cannot change there is someone out there rooting for you to succeed. In the movie it was Tadashi rooting for his little brother to use his brain for something other than fighting robots. In the case on Hiro his robot is super adorable but really deadly.

The movie is filled with so many fun characters I fell in love with all of them. Especially Baymax, he is the heart and soul of the movie (and people say robots cannot feel emotions). The voice cast was so perfect for this film with the familiar voices of TJ Miller (How to Train Your Dragon saga), Maya Rudolph (No explanation needed), as well as Damon Wayans Jr (New Girl). With the rest of the cast with whom
I am not familiar with just yet. The voices of each character brought them to life and made them that much more.

It also made it much more sad when betrayal is discovered and it make Hiro wants blood spilled in exchange for peace of mind. Making him put not only himself in danger but as well as his friends. His heartache is one we can all relate to since all of us have made bargains to get our loved ones back to us. Sometimes grief makes us do things that are potentially dangerous to ourselves and others. I feel that this level of grief is portrayed so well in this movie.

The film also shows the sacrifices that someone is able to make for the people they love. When you love someone that love makes a person do things that are more drastic than what they will do for themselves. In the end Baymax makes a sacrifice that would make even the toughest person shed a tear. It shows how much a person would sacrifice for another (even though Baymax is  robot).

The theme I got from the film is that your Familia is all you have in the world and sometimes you cannot chose who they are. That sometimes when someone comes into your life it is because they are meant to be your family. Blood related or not your family is your family. This movie is must for any Disney fan. I loved it so much and I will see it again if I get the chance. Even though the previews were not exciting at first I gave the movie a chance and fell in love with every character. I highly recommend it giving it five out of five penguin stickers (my highest rating btw).

The new home for my Baymax pin so I can take him everywhere with me.

The new home for my Baymax pin so I can take him everywhere with me.


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